• Lansdowne Chapel, a warm caring fellowship eager to learn more about God

    Helen Singh

  • Lansdowne Chapel is like a special home to me. They give you a nice welcome and they have a good laugh.

    Esther Lumala

  • I grew up with Christianity in my heart. Sometimes when I'm sad I pray to God and everything is sorted. Why? Because I believe in God, and He believes in me.

    Manuel Gaspar

  • Coming here gives me confidence and gives me strength in life.

    Chelsea Gaspar

About Us

Christian worship and service ... 120 years ... Next steps ... Come and join us?

Lansdowne chapel has been a place of Christian worship and service in the city for over 120 years.  Originally part of the Brethren movement, we see ourselves now as an evangelical fellowship with Brethren roots in the mainstream of Christian faith.  You can read more about what that means to us by reading What Matters to Us.