• Lansdowne Chapel, a warm caring fellowship eager to learn more about God

    Helen Singh

  • Lansdowne Chapel is like a special home to me. They give you a nice welcome and they have a good laugh.

    Esther Lumala

  • I grew up with Christianity in my heart. Sometimes when I'm sad I pray to God and everything is sorted. Why? Because I believe in God, and He believes in me.

    Manuel Gaspar

  • Coming here gives me confidence and gives me strength in life.

    Chelsea Gaspar

What matters to us?

Everything we do we do in response to God's extravagant love for us. Here are a few of the things that are important to us and that shape our church life.

We believe in a loving God who showed his kindness to us by sending his own son, Jesus Christ, to live amongst us.  Jesus died on a cross, was buried and came back to life 3 days later.  This all happened to settle the debt we owed God for our failings.

We believe that God gave us the Bible to teach us the truth about Him and to show us how to live life in a away that is pleasing to God – and better for us too.

We believe that God gives us the Holy Spirit, and that the Holy Spirit is essential to help us live as a Christian.  He helps us to understand the Bible and the character of God.  He also helps us to apply what He teaches so that we can live out the things that we read in the Bible.

We believe that God has given us each other here in the Church, to be a family in which we can care for each other and learn from each other.  We recognize that, whoever we are, every single one of us is special to God and every single one of us is gifted by God in different ways for the benefit of the whole family.


Lansdowne Chapel is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and has signed up to its Basis of Faith.