• Lansdowne Chapel, a warm caring fellowship eager to learn more about God

    Helen Singh

  • Lansdowne Chapel is like a special home to me. They give you a nice welcome and they have a good laugh.

    Esther Lumala

  • I grew up with Christianity in my heart. Sometimes when I'm sad I pray to God and everything is sorted. Why? Because I believe in God, and He believes in me.

    Manuel Gaspar

  • Coming here gives me confidence and gives me strength in life.

    Chelsea Gaspar


One of the values of Lansdowne Chapel is mission, whether in other parts of the UK or overseas.

This gives us the privilege of supporting a wide range of people serving God all over the world, including France, Asia and a number of countries in Africa.  We are linked with other groups and churches in the UK whose ministry we support, including work in schools and with ethnic minorities.

Below are some of the people and organisations that we support or work with in the UK and across the world.



We support local Christians Alain and Christine Monclair who are engaged in church planting in Brittany.   We also support Margaret Davis, a missionary who works in and around Louvigny in Normandy.

John and Maria O'Brien

In Sheffield they work in 25 primary schools, and in many churches where they lead children and youth ministry. From time to time they also work overseas encouraging the young saints to be equipped and released to love and serve Jesus.  John loves being active in sport. He has been carrying revival in his heart for the last 14 years: the word is shaved on the back of his head!

Meadowhead Christian Fellowship

MCF is based on the estates of Batemoor and Jordanthorpe in the south of Sheffield and is active in the S8 area and particularly looks to serve its local communities.   MCF has also sent many people out to serve God in the mission field, both in this country and overseas.  The church has also developed strong relationships with many other churches and ministries, within Sheffield and the north of England but also across the world. Find out more by visiting their website!


Daniel and Kathleen Gula have worked with the Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) for many years and we are privileged to support them in their ministry as well as a number of students at Bible College.


Peter and Jenny Andrews have worked in Rwanda for many years, setting up a successful skills training school.  They continue to assist local workers to develop and expand the project.


Nyangombe is a large complex in Zambia with educational, training and camping facilities together with a Bible college and associated conference facilities.  In particular, we provide support to Gordon and Sybil McKillop, Rachel and Barry Haigh and Charles and Ireen Kafweta, all of whom are on staff at the college. To find out more about their work, click here.