• Lansdowne Chapel, a warm caring fellowship eager to learn more about God

    Helen Singh

  • Lansdowne Chapel is like a special home to me. They give you a nice welcome and they have a good laugh.

    Esther Lumala

  • I grew up with Christianity in my heart. Sometimes when I'm sad I pray to God and everything is sorted. Why? Because I believe in God, and He believes in me.

    Manuel Gaspar

  • Coming here gives me confidence and gives me strength in life.

    Chelsea Gaspar

Oversight Team

Eliseu Balanga

FullSizeRender (4)Hi my name is Eliseu and I am 33, married and a father of two. I work in accounts. Being part of the Lansdowne family has been very important to me as it has given me the opportunity to relive the family atmosphere. I can still remember the friendliness at which i was received when i first visited Lansdowne Chapel; 11 years later, I cannot imagine myself not being part of this amazing group of people. Church is not the building ,it is the warmth that we find in people and the true demonstration of Gods Love through the people around us - Lansdowne fellowship has been a meaningful church to me This is my testimony...

Helen Singh

Helen Singh I was born and brought up in Sheffield and have attended Lansdowne Chapel since my early teens.  I studied music in Liverpool and now work as a civilian officer at South Yorkshire Police.   I am married to Onkar and as part of the Oversight team at Lansdowne my responsibilities include music and catering and various administration duties relating to our church life and activities.  I enjoy reading, baking and making music and I love going to the theatre!.  I am keen to see Lansdowne getting more and more involved with the local community and most of all, seeing how Gods love can change both individuals and communities.

Onkar Singh

onkar I was born in Wolverhampton into a Sikh family and became a Christian at the age of 17 after attending a Crusade for World Revival meeting.  I moved to Sheffield to study and ended up staying.  I have been working in retailing since 1986.  I have a passion for the local church and for seeing people discover Christ's love for themselves.  I am married to Helen and in my spare time enjoy sports and am an avid Wolverhampton Wanderers fan.

Paul Morrison

I  was born  in Sheffield and have attended Highfield Trinity Church  and Endcliffe Methodist Church. I now reside with my family at Lansdowne Chapel.  My wife and children are involved with the Sunday school activities and I am part of the music group, update the website and participate in other duties within the church. I am keen to see how the Lord will guide us through the days, week’s, month’s, years ahead. Help us to achieve this come and join our church as we cannot do this alone. As my father once said 'two heads are better than one'.  Partnership with the lord is a great thing, through ups and down he is with you all the way.

Steve Fryer

  1 Passport Photo   I first came to Sheffield as an architecture student in 1969 and stayed here after I had finished my training. I became a Christian while I was a student and got involved with a local church. That's where I met my wife, Ann and when we got married we moved to the Sharrow area, where we brought up our three boys. I have been worshiping at Lansdowne Chapel since the late 1990s and a few years ago I took over the reins as Secretary. I loved my job as an architect and it was a wrench to retire. But I've always loved travelling too and since retiring I have taken up writing - combining the two in travel writing. I also like being involved in the local community and I now edit the local community paper – Sharrow Today.